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Needless to say, the Napolitano Family loves to make monuments. Stone carving is in our blood. The creation of beautiful memorials is our expertise and our joy. Our family has been creating beautiful works of memorial art for Cincinnati families for over 100 years.

Napolitano Monument has been continuously in existence in America since 1915. And even before that, the family was hand-crafting works of art in marble in Italy. Today, using modern equipment on granite, the decendants of those Italian artisans continue to erect beautiful works of art in the Tri-state region. Our desire is to create a beautiful tribute of love and meaning for families so that the history and memories of the lives of their loved ones will live on for generations. Our work is finely crafted so that the story and legacy of each individual endures throughout the ages to come.


The Napolitano Family started in the monument business in Italy in the 19th century. Peter Napolitano and his brothers emigrated to America in search of a better life in 1909 after their father, Sculptor Emmanuel, died. The Brothers worked for various domestic monument shops until 1915 when they formed their own business in Cincinnati, Napolitano Brothers Monument. The business grew and prospered throughout the 1920’s and 1930’s. World War II and changes in the monument industry were difficult for these immigrants from Sicily and sales began to falter.

Peter’s son, Emanuel, came on board in the late 1950’s and tried to revive the slumbering business through diversification. Emanuel started Napolitano Marble in 1959 to provide building stone for construction. He developed Napolitano Sandblasting in 1961 to create etched glass works, while still making monuments for Tri-state families. Neither enterprise had much impact on sales and growth, but they set the stage for the dynamics in the upcoming decades.

Emanuel diversified the glass operation into residential glass work in 1965 and took full control of the family business in 1971, along with his wife, Nancy. Once again the family business began to grow with most of his children working in the business in some capacity. In 1981 Napolitano Monument purchased J. Kraig Monument in hopes of broadening the memorial outreach to Cincinnati. In 1985, Emanuel created STONECRAFT to sell commercial stone and wholesale monuments. Today, ACSENT carries on the Napolitano Family’s commitment to personalized, artistic monuments with the 4th generation of Napolitano Family memorialists.

Our Design Process

Memorial Features

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  • Creative Vision
  • Transitional Direction
  • Future Goals

Some Notable Memorials by ACSENT

Family Mausoleums: Caruso, Minardi & Glenn in St. Joe New Cemetery; Clark in Gate of Heaven; Fleishman in Walnut Hills; Lipson in JCGC Montgomery.

Screen Memorials: Catanzaro, Caito & Sherman in St. Joe New; Hummer in Spring Grove.

Excedra: Barrett in Gate of Heaven; Friedman in Judah Touro.

Columnar: Mandell in Adath Israel; Donisi, Sanzone & Costa in St. Joe New.

Cross Monuments: Sisters of Charity in Calvary Cemetery; Elfers in Guardian Angels; Galluccio in Oak Hills .

Sculpture: Caffarata, Aloisi, Mercurio, Brose, Lombardo, Umberg, McBride and dozens more in St. Joe New; Asmann in Spring Grove; Statues for San Antonio, St. Mary Coptic, St. John Fischer, St. Teresa, and Our Lady of Victory Churches; and Crown Hill Cemetery.

Carved Reliefs: McMahon, Davidson and dozens more in St. Joe New; Jodice in St. Joe Old; Klein in Love Bros.; Goldstein in JCGC Covedale.

Contemporary: Rubenstein in JCGC Montgomery; Audze, Junker & McCarthy in St. Joe New; Tierney in Bridgetown; Jodice in St. Joe Old.

Sarcophagus: Weil in JCGC Walnut Hills; Zicka in Spring Grove.

Community Mausoleum: Our Lady of Victory Cemetery Columbarium.

Civic Memorials: Marble Oblesik and Black Granite Tribute to George Washington for the Washington Monument in DC; Hamilton County Viet Nam Veterans Memorial; Jewish Veterans Memorial in Montgomery; Black Brigade Memorial Riverfront Park; Butler County Hall of Fame.


  • Memorial Markers
  • Monument Tablets
  • Sculptures
  • Benches & Exedra
  • Pedestals & Obelisks
  • Screens & Pilasters
  • Ledgers
  • Columns & Arches or Entablatures
  • Sarcophagus
  • Architectural Orders


  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Art Glass
  • Tile
  • Porcelain & Terracotta 


  • Individual & Companion Markers
  • Single & Family Uprights
  • Cemetery Features
  • Community Memorials & Mausoleums
  • Veteran's  Tributes
  • Religious Shrines
  • War Memorials
  • Civic & Fraternal Group  Monuments


  • Classic Greek & Roman
  • Middle Ages Gothic
  • Modern & Contemporary
  • Art Noveau
  • Renaissance
  • Baroque
  • Romanesque
  • Art Deco
  • Romantic
  • Realistic
  • Abstract
  • Organic
  • International


  • Etched Portraits & Scenes
  • Carved & Cast Reliefs
  • Shape-Carved Floral Designs
  • Hand-Tooled Work
  • Bronze & Granite Attachments
  • Glass & Mosaic Inserts
  • Carved Mouldings & Features


  • Bronze Plaques
  • Vases & Urns
  • Cremation Urns
  • Ceramic Pictures & Graphics
  • Candleholders
  • Metal Lettering