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J.KRAIG/NAPOLITANO MONUMENT: Leaders in Cincinnati Memorial Art, Markers & Monuments in Granite and Bronze

From Headstones, Monuments, Memorials and more.

Napolitano Brothers Monument was founded in 1915 by five brothers from Italy. In  1965, Emanuel Napolitano took control and expanded the family business with the  purchase of J. Kraig Monuments in 1981. For over 100 years, the Napolitano family has  been creating beautiful memorials for individuals and organizations in the greater  Cincinnati area.

NAPOLITANO MONUMENT & J. KRAIG MONUMENT strive to be the Tri-state  leader in custom memorial art. From simple markers to elegant upright monuments;  veterans memorials to family mausoleums; bronze sculptures to large civic memorials;  for over three generations, our family has been dedicated to creating beautiful, custom  memorials that preserve your loved one’s story and memory exactly as you wish.

Custom Memorials

Cincinnati Custom Memorials

Our mission at J.KRAIG/NAPOLITANO MONUMENT has always been to provide  beautiful, meaningful memorials that are symbols of love and devotion. Whether a custom headstone to commemorate a family’s legacy; a beautiful piece of art to decorate a home or garden; or a meaningful tribute in stone, metal or glass for a church or business; our work stands the test of time to inspire future generations.

Decorative Stone, Glass and Metal Works

J.KRAIG/NAPOLITANO MONUMENT joined the ACSENT brand in 2003 to broaden ACSENT’S offerings of decorative stone and metal for Architectural, Interior, Landscape and Keepsake projects in Cincinnati. Feel free to browse our categories of work and learn more about how we can help you with your next project.


J.KRAIG/NAPOLITANO MONUMENT has been serving the Cincinnati area with custom stonework for over 100 years. Combining with 3G Glass in 1973 and STONECRAFT in 1985, we have expanded our capabilities in glass and metal work. Since 2003, all three  companies market their work under the brand name ACSENT.