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3G GLASS: Cincinnati’s Leaders in Decorative Glass

3G GLASS Serving the Cincinnati Area

3G GLASS has been supplying the window and door needs of Cincinnati residences for over half a century.

We specialize in providing: Fabrication of screens and glass panels, Repair of damaged screen and glass panels, Replacement of fogged insulated windows, Repair/replacement of window & door parts, Installation of new or replacement windows, Fabrication of decorative glass and mirrors

Keepsake Services

3G GLASS: Cincinnati Decorative Glass

We’ve been creating custom glass and metal fixtures in the Cincinnati area for over three generations. Whether they’re etched pieces for churches, restaurants, homes or businesses, we’re dedicated to creating timeless decorative glass and metal work that will last generations.

Decorative Stone, Glass and Metal for Business and Residential

3G GLASS has been serving the Cincinnati area through Architecture, Interior, Landscaping, Monument and Keepsake services for the past 100 years. Feel free to browse our categories of work and learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

3G GLASS: Part of the ACSENT Family

3G GLASS has been serving the Cincinnati area in custom glass and metal work for over 100 years. We’ve done a variety of stone work as well since we originated, and have expanded our brand from our original Napolitano Monuments to STONECRAFT and 3G GLASS. All three of these companies have since been unified under our new main company name: ACSENT.

3G GLASS's Clients