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From Headstones, Monuments, Memorials and more.

Our mission as Napolitano Kraig Monument has always been to provide timeless memorials that are symbols of meaning and purpose.

We strive to be Cincinnati’s leader in custom decorative monuments, and we’ve been the number one to go to for the last 100 years.

Whether they’re custom Cincinnati monuments to commemorate a family’s legacy, or a piece of work for a business or home, our work serves to last forever.

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Cincinnati Custom Memorials

We’ve been creating custom monuments in the Cincinnati area for over three generations. Whether they’re simple and elegant tombstones, large ornate sculptures or any other family heirloom, we’re dedicated to create and preserve your family’s history exactly the way you want to be remembered.

Decorative Stone, Glass and Metal Services

Napolitano Kraig Monument has expanded over time and has also been serving the Cincinnati area through Architecture, Interior, Landscaping, Monument and Keepsake services for the past 100 years. Feel free to browse our categories of work and learn more about how we can help you with your next project.

Napolitano Kraig Monument: Part of the ACSENT Family

Napolitano Kraig Monument has been serving the Cincinnati area in custom stone work for 100 years. We’ve done a variety of metal and glass work as well since we originated, and have expanded our brand from our original Napolitano Kraig Monument company to 3G Glass and Stonecraft. All three of these companies have since been unified under our new main company name: ACSENT.

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Our Main Industries Served

  • We've been designing and hand crafting custom monuments for almost a century. Our artisans can render custom stone carvings using both modern...
  • ACSENT offers a wide range of services to the architect, residential designer, or memorial designer. We keep a large catalogue of historically...
  • From cast glass to stone to custom metal work, ACSENT is your source for all kinds of keepsake items. Mark a special...
  • ACSENT began as a monument company, so designing and producing custom landscape pieces was a natural evolution for our artisans. Recently we...
  • Our team has worked with interior designers for more than three generations. Let our experienced team of professionals help you realize your...
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4124 Spring Grove Ave Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
Phone: (513) 721-5050

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ACSENT – Stone, Glass & Metal

ACSENT has been providing Decorative Stone, Glass and Metal to the Cincinnati Area since 1915.